ICS-Bulgaria Branch
The Bulgaria branch was established in 2002 as an ITC (International Training Center) thanks to the work of a group of enthusiastic fellows and members who had taken their exams in London - in particular:

  • Rosen Kosturkov, FICS,
  • Daniel Stefanov, FICS and
  • Todor Todorov, FICS.

However the branch establishment would not have been possible without the guidance and special support of Mr. Todor Vassilev, FICS, of Vassilev Maritime, Istanbul.

The ITC started working in close cooperation with the Naval Academy in Varna. The good relations between the Branch and the Academy grew stronger and were the foundation on which the branch continued to develop it’s structure. The ITC was recognized and officially registered as a Branch of the ICS-Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, on January 16th, 2013.
The branch official establishment was possible due mainly to the efforts of our immediate past Chairman, Mr.Daniel Stefanov, FICS, who organized and arranged the whole event.

The Branch today

The mission of the branch is to promote the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and its values, promoting professionalism in commercial shipping locally.
In Varna, there are a lot of young professionals with on-board experience, who constitute a vital part of the international shipbroking and operations community.
The branch endeavours to hold regular seminars on different shipping and port related issues. This is aimed at boosting the professional knowledge of the branch membership, as well as at offering networking opportunities. As an educational body, the branch is actively organizing events in conjunction with different organisations at the ports of Varna and Bourgas.

The branch works closely with the Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents - BAKBA. The Branch is partner with the Odessa law firm, Interlegal, and with Vassilev Maritime, Istanbul.

NB: The Branch is based in Varna and has its office within the premises of the Naval Academy. Visitors are received in the office by appointment only.

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